Write_EUVAT - EU VAT support for Magento

před 10 lety napsal Jan Havrda | tagy: Magento

The task sounded clearly – show the correct value added tax in a basket, on the order and the invoice, depending on whether the customer is from the same country as shop owner, any other European country or from the country outside of EU. This is why our simple Write_EUVAT Magento extension arose.

The Magento is not ready for calculating and displaying correct VAT between, inside and outside of European countries. There is neither a free extension for proper value added tax calculation depending on customer location. Our free Write_EUVAT module is able to calculate and display right VAT:

  • 0% VAT for customers of other EU Member States°, who denounced their tax number (VAT, TVA, DPH …)
  • preset VAT percent for others °°

° European Union Member States not including the default country in System → Configuration → General → Default country.

°° The VAT rate set for default country in Sales → Tax → Manage Tax Zones and Rates.

Write_EUVAT extension takes tax identification number off standard taxvat column. This column should be enabled in System → Configuration → Customer Configuration → Name and Address Options → Show Tax/VAT Number.

TODO Extension is not validating neither the format nor the existence of identification number. You may use these two temporary solutions to get out of this situation:

  • solve invalid tax identification numbers retrospectively (cancel / modify the order with an invalid VAT)
  • manually confirm all orders – ie make all orders wait for approval by „pending“ them by default in System → Configuration → Payment Methods payment sections


  • download the module file from http://blog.write.cz/…te_EUVAT.zip
  • unpack the archive into the app / code / local directory
  • insert following code into Write_EUVAT.xml file in app / etc / modules directory

CONFIGURATION There is no configuration needed. You just need to set VAT % for your country in Sales → Tax section, which you probably already have.

COMPATIBILITY Tested in Magento version 1.5